Monday, January 25, 2010

close to me

i still remember your smile. i still remember your voice. i still remember your energy. i still remember your kind and caring personality. i still remember all the crazy things we did. i still remember going to Bayfair. i still remember you. but most of all, i still hold you close to my heart. i love you Daisy.

i wake up everyday, thinking what i could do with myself. instead, today i woke up thinking what could i do for someone else. i tried hard, and i succeeded. i made someone's day. it felt good.

just live your life. because you only get to live it one. so just go have fun. stop worrying about him, stop worrying about her. i'm sure they will love you if you wear your beautiful smile, and have fun.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

is it worth it?

together for 2 weeks. and now, the first time you speak to me in almost 2 days. you broke up with me. i cried, but tbh, i'm happy. because we're actually still together. just not boyfriend and girlfriend. and i'm happy with that. i do admit, everything happened so fast! and i think it's better this way, thank you for making me ralise i can be happy again. thank you for making me realise, we can make this work, just not yet. i think i'm going to fall again. not just yet, not yet. but one day. and it will be with you

Saturday, January 23, 2010

you should be proud.

i feel proud of myself.when i went shopping, i used to be ashamed. i thought i was fat. i was size 12. but now, after drama drama drama, after stess, after 2 months of not eating much, or eating healthy, i'm size 8 and 6. i feel great! i love it. i feel like i can show off my body with a smile. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

me and you.

There's some people who are worth having a friendship with, and some people who aren't worth your time. But there's some poeple you have been so close to and all of a sudden lost everything you ever had. You hate them with a passion. Want to do everything to make them missrable. But after a few months, looking back at the photo's and letters. Thinking about the times we shared and listening to the songs we used to. It all makes you miss them. I guess this is me and you. It will never be the same.

wrong or right?

Is this feeling wrong? I hope it all works out well.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

up above

You're up there watching over me.


We met this night. I was drunk. But you looked after me and we had a fun night. You gave us the label of best fraaaands. After this night, we have kept talking on msn, texting, even on the phone. You're the only one who has made an effort to make my day brighter. And it's worked. I'm glad that night happened and we became friends.