Monday, October 18, 2010

I’m not sure I like you.

I know I’m texting you like I like you. But I’m only doing it to get over Nick. We both know if we get together it will be the perfect come back on Nick and your ex. But it only works if I want to get with you too. You’re supposed to be staying at mine in the holidays but I’m already trying to think of excuses for you not too. Please just give me some time. You seem to clingy already and we’re not even together in any way.

That’s what a good friend is.

We were arguing at the bonfire. I didn’t want to be near you. But some blonde girl found me and asked what was wrong, she went and got you for me and we sorted everything out. I thanked her before we left. Not expecting to see her again. Last weekend I saw her while getting my nails done. She told me that seeing us together made her feel good because she got us together again. I told her what you did and she was shocked. She knew the person who you fucked and you know what? I’m going out with her when I get back from the snow. She’s going to show me your new girl and help me find a new guy to get with. I don’t care how slutty I sound, because I need something to help me get over you. I’m not sticking around and get hurt any longer. Me and her are going to have fun and she’s helping me get over you. Funny thing is, you can’t do anything to stop me anymore because I’m not yours.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Another great weekend gone to waste.

I eventually forgot about you cheating on me. I mean, I still knew it happened, but I had stopped thinking about it. We had three great weekends in a row after that. You said we were getting back on track and nothing could stop us. The weekend just gone, we went shopping together and went to the thanks sale. I brought you a lower jersey to go with your repz top I had brought you. I brought you dinner and lunch. You came with me to get my nails done. I ate sushi for the first time with you. But the day I left, you fucked up everything again. You got a new girl that night and fucked her right there and then when you could. It’s disgusting. You go around and use your dick like it’s the number one thing in Tauranga. Not everyone is going to want you if you keep fucking anyone. You don’t know these girls. I thought you would of learnt from last time. You got an sti but still go around? You’ve got problems, and one day, karma is going to get you good.

This is simply beautiful.