Wednesday, May 5, 2010


fucking hell. stop fucking asking the obvious. stop fucking copying me. stop fucking being so obsessive. stay the fuck away from my boyfriend. and stay the fuck away from me. for fuck sakes!


you got this all wrong. why would i think you don't want to hang with your girlfriend or see her? why would you even say i think that. and then you stop texting me. you sign onto msn and i talk to you. i get a reply 20 minutes later saying, "hey i gtg." okay then. so i ask you to text me. you say, "uhhhh." i take that as a no then. you have no idea how much tonight has cut me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

is this what you want?

it came back and bit you in the arse. you got jealous of our friendship. and asked me to stop talking to him. you thought you were in the right. but baby, listen to me. it's the same with you and her. now everything is better and in the open. don't you feel so much lighter to get it all off your back? because you put up one big fight.