Friday, November 25, 2011

First time.

You were my first boyfriend and my first time for everything. Now we're four years on. We're 18 and you have a daughter. You started talking to me and you started missing me. It made me miss you too. Please let's do it again.

Friday, November 18, 2011

I miss you.

I want you back so much. Please just come back to me. Please. I won't beg you to your face, but behind shut doors I'm screaming and crying for you. I'm punching walls and kicking. You have no idea how this feels and I hope that one day, just one day, someone hurts you like you hurt me.


We were getting along so great and gotten so close to each other. You had become the best boyfriend I had because you kept me happy more than anyone else did. I thought you would never hurt me. But you're just like the rest. You kissed your ex. The one thing I was always paranoid about happening but I told myself you wouldn't hurt me like that. Looks like I was the fool! I told you I'd forgive you and give you another chance, as long as she stays away. But you didn't answer me. I really miss you and I feel so empty without you. I can't stop crying over you and I hate being like this. You saw how much you hurt me so just take me back. Please.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things have changed.

We used to be best friends, and you were the best best friend I have ever had. I know things got fucked up but I want our friendship back. I can't stand seeing these pictures or your name around facebook. Just talk to me, please?

It's painful.

My heart hurts. I want to go back to New Zealand. Even just for a holiday. But there is a lot of people I miss and I really want to see them again. Just even for one day. I would do anything to have them back in my life.

Karma's a bitch.

You're a bitch and I'm glad the power went at your 21st so you couldn't continue it. :L made my fucking day hearing about that. Good fucking luck with your life cunt.

You too.

So when you find out your friends were with any one of your brothers, you freak out. You set up me and your brother, that was fine. But then my best friend gets with him and you snap at her for doing it to me. And then the other one gets with him on the weekend and you don't give a fuck. Nice friend you are.

Two faced.

You come round to mine all the time. We talk and talk about anything and everything. You talk about your ex, and I talk about mine. We talk about our current events, like my boyfriend, or who you're with now. We bitch about bitches. Like when my best friend got with my ex who I still had feelings for. You said it was bitchy and you could never do that. But yet at the weekend, you did it. Thank you very much Sarah.