Friday, October 1, 2010

Another great weekend gone to waste.

I eventually forgot about you cheating on me. I mean, I still knew it happened, but I had stopped thinking about it. We had three great weekends in a row after that. You said we were getting back on track and nothing could stop us. The weekend just gone, we went shopping together and went to the thanks sale. I brought you a lower jersey to go with your repz top I had brought you. I brought you dinner and lunch. You came with me to get my nails done. I ate sushi for the first time with you. But the day I left, you fucked up everything again. You got a new girl that night and fucked her right there and then when you could. It’s disgusting. You go around and use your dick like it’s the number one thing in Tauranga. Not everyone is going to want you if you keep fucking anyone. You don’t know these girls. I thought you would of learnt from last time. You got an sti but still go around? You’ve got problems, and one day, karma is going to get you good.

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