Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mixed emotions.

You break up with me for your ex, and stop talking to me completely. You guys break up and you start talking to me straight away. I knew what you were doing, but went along with it. Wasn't stringing you along or anything, I just liked talking as friends. But tonight you took our talking to a whole new level. Saying "Summer, what you would you say if I told you I miss you? I wanted to say it for a while now."  I'm sorry love, but the clocks have turned and time has changed. You did the breaking up and you say you regret it, but I'm happy being single and being me. And I'm moving back to the other side of the world. I know we're two hours away from each other now, but being the other side of the world in a relationship with you? Hahaha, I don't think so. Friends is good.

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