Saturday, September 8, 2012

Every little thing.

I'm sat here listening to songs, thinking of you and how things used to be. I was going through our pictures and in every single one, I can remember that moment. What I was feeling inside, what we were doing and what was being said. I remember the way you would say some thing and how I would laugh. I remember the way your hands felt when you would hold mine to dance. I remember how your hugs felt and how soft but tight you would hold me, as if you never wanted to let me go ever again. I remember the way you would smile, and the corners of your mouth curved up. I remember every joke you had told me and how you told me. I remember how I would feel when you come into my room and sat on my bed talking to me, mostly about nothing. I remember how lovely your dinners would taste, even if I wasn't hungry. I remember listening to you sing and play guitar, and how great at them both you were. I remember how I loved having a strong daughter, father bond with you. I wish you were still here, because I miss you so much and I need you. I need all this all over again.

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