Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I never once thought that you would ever chose her over me. I mean, she's not even part of this family and I'm your daughter. Your REAL daughter. The one you gave birth too, the one you raised and loved. I'm the one you used to hug until I fell asleep, the one who you told everything to. You always used to tell me I was your everything and you loved me so much. But I guess all that means nothing to you anymore? You told me this is the most disappointed you've been in me. But seriously.. What the FUCK have I done? Nothing. Exactly. But apparently I'm getting all my friends to bully her. Right? But do you know, that I've told them to leave the situation alone. I left it alone and you should too. Because it was left alone until you got involved. If you were sticking up for me I would understand why you got involved. But you stuck up for her! Again! I hate that you two are friends on facebook and friends in life. She still calls you her second mum. Fuck that shit! If you want her as your daughter, go ahead. Because you just lost me. Hint the fact that I deleted you on facebook. So thanks for everything "mum", I don't even know what to call you anymore.

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